Friday, October 5, 2012

This is what excessive wealth buys

Sheldon Adelson is working on a deal to develop a Las Vegas style gambling center in Spain (called Euro Vegas) where gambling has been banned for moral reasons.  He has already built an similar gambling center in Macau (People's Republic of China),  which helped Adelson build his wealth of approximately $25 billion dollars.  In Macau, his attempts to manipulate the government have drawn scrutiny from federal and Nevada investigators, but this has not deterred him from moving on with his plans for Spain.  Besides being an apparent manipulation of desperate people and countries, doesn't this all seem apocalyptic?  A man with more money than he, his family or generations of his family could ever spend seeks to accumulate even more wealth.  What is the point of his greed?  If Adelson showed an inordinate amount of philanthropy like Charles F. Feeney or even a more modest amount of philanthropy like Bill and Melinda Gates (which is still extraordinary), it would make sense, but this is not the case.

In Spain, Aldeson is only willing to put up 35% of the funding for Euro Vegas.  The country of Spain, which has already had to borrow a lot of money will have to borrow the rest.   Another of Adelson's demands is that the government allow him to bring in foreign workers to build (and possibly operate, his casinos):  In a country where its own citizens have had to turn to cut rate prostitution to make ends meet, does a casino sound like the answer?  Is a world full of Las Vegas' the direction in which mankind should be heading?  Who in their RIGHT mind would think the subjugation of the human race through gambling and other vices the correct path for humanity?  While I may not be a religious person, I am familiar with the stories of the Bible and I know that almost everything Adelson represents is in opposition with Christianity, Judaism and the Muslim faiths and he is not alone.

"Eurovegas" to Drag Spain Out of Crisis – or... by NewsLook

Those who support the ideas of the Republican Party in general and the ideas of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan specifically all seem to oppose the teachings of the three largest religions in the world.  Instead these extremely "successful" individuals have embraced a future where wages for the masses shrink while the cost of living for those same masses increases, a world where not only are housing prices under water, but life itself, is upside down.

The irony to this rationale is that these self-serving, megalomaniacs will have to live in the same world they hope to recreate in their own image(s).  Though these narcissists are no longer anonymous (thanks to the Internet), they believe that the ivory towers that they will have to sequester themselves in will keep them safe from the huddled masses.  In their quest to elevate themselves above the rest of mankind, to become "Gods on Earth", they have failed to realize their mortality.  As their twisted, real-life game of Monopoly unfolds, as they amass all the paper of a potentially useless currency, the world will eventually figure out who is to blame for the Ghetto that our planet will become.

Though Adelson is not alone in his pursuit of absolute power, I singled him out because he is the biggest donor of a party that has abandoned all pretenses of representing anyone other that the wealthiest of our citizens.  Take your pick of superPacs supporting either Democrats or Republicans and do a little research into their backgrounds.  I am biased in favor of the democrats because this party at least promotes ideas that are beneficial to the majority, so I can only provide information about Republican donors who I feel are helping in the destruction of America and the World.

Besides Adelson, we have Texas billionaire Harold Simmons who's been referred to as the king of superfund sites and who has built a nuclear waste dump over the third largest, crop-irrigating freshwater source in the nationThe Ogallala Aquifer, which is big enough to cross eight states now sits under a nuclear dump that Simmons hopes to expand under a Romney Presidency.  Given the poor handling by corporations of man made catastrophes in the Gulf of Mexico and over-land oil pipelines, what human would think it a good idea to put nuclear waste on top of a major supply of freshwater?  Aside from Harold Simmons and other big donors referenced herein, you've got the Koch Brothers, who have meddled in the political affairs of other states and cities to insure outcomes that favor their bottom line and allow them to avoid cleaning up Koch Industry's own waste.  How are Americans okay with this?

On November 6th 2012, the citizens of The United States of America have two, clear and very different paths to choose from:  One is controlled and dominated by big business and even bigger money and guarantees few benefits for most, and the most benefits for the few.  The other path, may not help the country recover fully, but it will keep the doors of sanity open.  One candidate offers a path to prosperity, but only to those lucky few who are already extremely prosperous, while the other candidate offers a more humane way to solve America's problems.  The proof of these claims can be easily discovered with a little research:  All one need do is look into the number and types of donors supporting each man running for president this year.  To better understand the mindsets of the republican presidential ticket and the political party behind it, simply look up Ayn Rand and those politicians who subscribe to Rand's philosophies.  It is in the discovery of this author that one can see and understand the rational behind the platform of the GOP and its hopeful candidate.

And one last note on Aldelson's demands for Euro Vegas:  He is demanding a waiver to Spain's anti-smoking laws.  A minor issue, unless you consider all of the work done to save people from secondhand smoke.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Just an update to my Romney Ryan campaign poster

So the republicans don't seem to mind Todd Akin's offensive remarks about what he calls "Legitimate Rape".  If they were truly opposed to what he said, why would they now be getting behind his campaign.  The GOP is corrupt and they aren't even good at hiding this fact.

While the say their new voter ID laws are to prevent voter fraud, the only cases of fraud being investigated are those created by consulting agencies employed by the RNC.  They continue to promote the idea of Trickle down, while this practice has only led to more inequality and wealth redistribution, which, by the way, they say they are opposed to so adamantly.  The idea of withholding emergency funds after a disaster comes from one of the leaders (Eric Cantor) of the republican party.  Their candidate for president is for lower taxes on the wealthy and higher taxes for the middle class down.  The list goes on and on and on and the republican tactic is to push a bunch of bills that the public oppose and to continue pushing unpopular legislation until the voters are worn down.

So here is Todd Akin with his crazy idea about pregnancy through rape, and the GOP insists that it is not behind this viewpoint.  If this is true than which crazy ideas from Akin do they agree with because there are a plethora of wacky things to choose from, just look at this ad from McCaskill:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stand Up or Stand By

    If our leaders refuse to take action, we must.  America is falling behind the rest of the world in so many ways it's difficult to name them all, but here are a few:  Our roads and bridges are catastrophes in waiting; poverty is on the rise after decades of supply side or trickle down economics; the banks have taken millions of homes away from families who now live in cars, motels or on the street; we incarcerate non-violent offenders and illegal immigrants at alarming rates that serve only to disenfranchise far too many of our fellow citizens; our laws seem to protect and represent only the most affluent in society more than not and seem immoral upon close scrutiny.  And, all the while, we're all forced to live by the actions of fewer than 600 people, who oftentimes have agendas which are not conducive to a cohesive, fair and compassionate leadership.

    We can sit, watch and wait as things continue to get worse for the majority or the people of the United States or we can rise up and demand an END to the favoritism that has become so apparent that one of the major parties has aborted any attempts to hide their misdeeds and harmful policies.  When you have legislators openly saying that funds for emergencies such as the tornadoes in Joplin Missouri should be withheld until budget cuts can offset those funds, we have bad leaders.  When we have elected officials who continue to support the idea of giving the wealthy and super wealthy even more money, we have misguided and downright idiotic politicians leading us.  When war is the first response considered by a man who hopes to be the Commander and Chief, we have a dangerous figurehead who is willing to put military profits over those who have pledged their lives (if necessary) to this country.  When anti-abortion bills out-number job creation legislation while 12 million people are still out of work, our leaders are focusing on policies that will resolve nothing.  For more details on any of these issues, please comment below to start the conversation or go through my previous posts, starting with the "My Mission" page on this blog.

    While, those issues I've pointed out may attack the policies of the Republicans more, I do not have that much faith in the Democratic Party, as it is comprised these days.  This view comes from my believe that the Republican Party is the party that tells us all how they're going to screw us over, and the Democratic Party is the party that watches the republicans screw us over.  This is why I'm seeking sponsors for what I call the "Really Rally' which is a forum where the audience is respectfully interactive and the only demands placed upon any speaker or candidate is that they one, present and promote good to great ideas and two, engage the audience in a manner that draws support from the majority of said audience.  For more information about these rallies, visit the "Really Rally: What is it?" page on this blog.

    In conclusion, I believe that the policies of the democrats are better for the country, but the policies and the direction that the Republican Party wishes to chart for the United States seems to be the way in which America is heading:  For this reason, people of the US better stand up against the Objectivist ideals of the Right or get used to the coming reality that there will be no help when you need it most.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Changing Meaning But Not Topics

It is common wisdom that politicians say one thing while meaning another or, as us laypeople call this practice, lie, but there are degrees of not telling the truth.

At the, we'll call it, honest end of the dishonesty spectrum, a candidate might leave out a few details or fail to offer information that isn't asked for.  Though this may be kind of like dealing with the Devil, it isn't an outright lie.  Immoral yes, but not a lie.  After exclusion, there is exaggeration, which most people do when relaying an anecdotal story about some adventure or trip they might have taken in the past.  This form of dishonesty comes in useful for tales where the story has ended with "You had to be there".  In these instances a lion, tiger or bear makes a great substitute for the rabbit that chased you after you wounded instead of killing it.  The basic story is real.  It's simply some of the details that are fuzzy . . . like the rabbit.

And then there are your whoppers where you've raced in the Indy 500 before heading over to France for the Tour and capped the week with an excursion to Australia to hang with the Aborigines in the Outback.  These are the stories that, even if true, no one would believe.  These are the stories where all credibility goes out the window and you find it harder to find someone willing to listen to your BS.  Lies have become a part of everyday life, which is a shame, because who can you trust when you can trust no one.

And now we get to the point of this post, which as I stated in the opening sentence is that our political leaders lie.  Some leave out facts to make their positions appear more appealing than they might otherwise appear.  Some stretch the truth to get the underlying point across to the audience and then there are others who simply tell lies, because it is the only way to get elected or trick voters into siding with them.  This is expected, but when you have a ticket running for President and Vice President that fit each of these categories, it might be prudent for the citizens to be a concerned.

So, let's see what lies the Romney/Ryan ticket have told and what has been the public's reaction to the misleading, deceitful and possibly harmful lies as well as the reactions from the candidates when called on them.

For more than a year now, Ryan has pushed his budget plan as a "Path to Prosperity", sighting all of these examples of fiscal responsibility and dates when the national budget would be balanced.  His tales of prosperity that are just a few decades away sound great.  His conclusion that Medicare will be stronger if only we limit the amount of the vouchers that the elderly will have to get insured under . . . Well, that sounds a little fishy, but maybe he's got something up his sleeve.  Wait, he hasn't run the numbers?  He actually said he 'hasn't run the numbers'?  This would be an example of leaving out information in order to make your position sound better.  To me it sounds like he's overstepped his claims of prosperity, especially when he attacks President Obama for his actual plan.  Like it or not, one of these plans is real, while the other is theoretical.

So far Ryan has claimed to have run a marathon faster than Sarah Palin, which he didn't.  He claims to have a body fat ratio that is on par with Olympic athletes, which is quite difficult to maintain and possibly dangerous.  So we've got the little white lie covered by Ryan.  If he can't remember his own personal history and is willing to risk his own health (according to Ryan), how can he be trusted to understand an entire country's history and health?  You see, we can all exaggerate, but of the ones listed in this paragraph, some can mean the difference between life and death, while others simply boost Ryan's ego.

And then there's Mitt Romney.  I can't even get into all of the outright lies he's told, but I will address one simple fact about the latest lie he's been caught in.  The lie where he claims implicitly that he hopes to represent the people of the United States, when he only intends to represent the Wealthy.  He lied, he got caught and that should be that, but it isn't.  In the few days in which this truth about Romney was exposed, several of the right have twisted what he meant by his claim that 47 % of Americans are free loading, self-pitying losers.  While some have embraced this claim, others have tried to say his message was about polling numbers and others still have tried to imply that he was merely showing concern for a nation that has become too dependent on handouts.  So, in the end, Romney's lies are covered up by other people's lies and the rest of us should still vote for this guy.

I say, if the Republicans best is Romney and all of his lies, then the RNC should close its doors and disband.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No matter what they say

It seems to me that far too many people can't think for themselves or discern when a leader is saying something that would prove detrimental to them.  Whether financially, as in giving tax breaks to the rich and raising the tax burden of everyone else or physical, when saying we need to go to war with more countries, it is quite difficult to understand what it will take for certain voters to understand that the GOP is not their friend, let alone a good source for leaders.  Just look who they have put up as the the leader of the party.  Mitt Romney is running on his management skills, but he can't seem to manage his own campaign.  He can't even seem to "Do no harm.", which is all he should have to do given the state of our economy.  As for his supposed management skills, what has he actually managed?  At Bain, he basically bought companies that other people managed and ran up the debt of those companies that were not managed properly and provided support to those that were managed (by others) properly.  How did he make any of these companies great?  As a matter of fact, his claim of making them great demeans the people who actually did the work and goes against the idea behind the GOP slogan "We Built This".  It is not only Mitt Romney who's serves as proof that the Republican Party has little to nothing to offer most Americans, however.  All one must do to confirm this assertion is look at the other candidates put forth by the GOP:  Gingrich, Santorum, Bachmann, etc.  Still not convinced, look at the polling numbers of the Republican-controlled 112th Congress, Sarah Palin and more.

Those who represent the republican party don't even seem to be able to say things that sound beneficial to most Americans, but somehow they retain followers.  In some way, the people who swear by Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, George W. Bush, exhibit a believe that is similar to the way in which people believe in God.  Could these be the false idols that mankind has been warned against in the scriptures?  I ask this, because, it seems odd to me that so many people are willing to follow a group that seeks to further enrich the wealthy and more so, the super wealthy.  These leaders say that every American has the same opportunities and their constituents believe lies like this which have festered in our country for decades now.  What these faithful don't seem to understand is that the gap between the wealth of the poor, the middle and even the rich and the super rich grows every time their leaders gives tax breaks that inordinately benefit the wealthy.

Even the rich fail to realize that the wealth gap between themselves and the super wealthy is widening:  "Why wouldn't it", I would ask any rich person (but not super rich person) who would argue this point.  The fact that we have billionaires who seek to take away more money from the poor and sick should be proof that these greedy individuals have little to no conscience, so why would they spare anyone who has less than themselves? . . . Take it all, seems to be the mantra of the super rich.  If my logical conclusion to this life-sized game of Monopoly the super elite are playing isn't convincing enough, I would direct them to this article:  super rich get richer while the mere rich get poorer.  I would then point them to my own post from August 19, 2012:  It can't happen to me until it happens to me.

The GOP says that Obama is trying to start a Class War when the truth of the matter is that there has been a Class War for decades.  The wealthy have had the ears of leaders from both parties and the laws reflect this fact.  Look at the way in which all public agencies are being attacked, in favor of privatization: prisons, schools, military supplies, etc.  The laws are being written to help private prison corporations by making everything illegal and extending sentences beyond reasonable periods, Schools are being privatized and the companies seeking to provide education continually get caught cutting corners to the detriment of the students.  As for our military, mission support services are now privatized, but the service provided is not better or cheaper.

The GOP says Obama is a socialist who believes in wealth redistribution, but they fail to point out the the wealth of this nation has already been redistributed:  In the 70's, the 400 richest Americans only had the same amount of wealth as 100 million people, that roughly one third of the nation.  Now, the 400 richest Americans have as much as 150 million of their countrymen and women, that means that half of the nation wealth is in the hands of only 400 people.  From one third to one half is a big redistribution of wealth, if you ask me.  America's not broke, it's broken and the GOP wants to break it even more.

America is in grave danger of becoming the country envisioned by Ayn Rand:  A country where everyone is for no one and sociopaths decide the fate of the United States and it people. 

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Identifying Mitt Romney

Here is the latest addition to the R.A.D. Dictionary.  To see other half-serious definitions about politics click on the RAD Dictionary page.

Mitt Romney's ID adj
People wonder who Mitt Romney really is: Is he a conservative or is he a liberal? He's identified himself as both at one time or another, so here are some of Mitt's IDs:
1. IDK - I Don't Know
2. IDC - I Don't Care
3. IDL - I D Laws or I Don't Lie
* - One is an attempt to help him win illegitimately, the other will help him lose legitimately
4. IDM - It Doesn't Matter
5. IDA - I Don't Apologize
6. IDP - I Don't Plan or I Don't Provide
* - Depending on whether he's talking about the nation or his taxe

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Is Nature Making a Comeback?

Is it just me or are there more ants this year than last year? It seems to me that one of nature's tiniest workers is taking back the planet. For years now, maybe even a decade, ants were "Off the Grid". Like the Honey Bee, all ants species seemed to have packed it in and taken an hiatus from Earth or at least those places on Earth normally inhabited by mankind. Now, you could go in search of ants and find them, but if you went throughout your day without thinking about them, ants didn't seem to think about you.

This year however, they all might ants (of various types) seem to have come home, both figuratively and literally. We can't seem to clean the house well enough these or lay out enough poison to keep the little buggers from the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedrooms. I think they're here to stay and I'm not the only one who feels this way. Our neighbors have the same issue, which in and of itself does not indicate that we are facing an invasion, but the swarms do not seem localized, as I have talked to other friends who have also seen a resurgence of these fierce, regimented invaders. I know that this is most likely premature, and I will withhold coming to any conclusion, but I have a feeling that the ants are merely the first wave of nature's return. I'll be looking to see when lightning bugs once again dazzle us with the celestial-like display after sundown.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bill Clinton Summed it Up . . . Perfectly

In November, American voters have a very clear choice. They can either believe the lies from the Republican Party; lies that include the Republican National Conventions slogan "We Built This". They can fall for the misleading ways in which Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and most of the GOP describe their vague plans for the economy, health care, the environment, education, domestic energy, taxes, etc. They could bury their heads in the sand and avoid the fact that the Republican platform this year seeks to repeal Roe V Wade and eliminate birth control, medicare, medicaid, increase the cost of college and cause harm that from which the Middle Class may never recover. They could do all of these things, or they could choose to go in another direction. Americans may be disillusioned with Barack Obama, but this should not be the determining factor in their decision this November. What should decide who they vote for in less than three months is which candidate has the best plan for the future of this country.

If the Republican Party had put forth a reasonable, rational and caring candidate, I would say vote republican, but this is not the case. Republican voters have not been given a single VALID reason to vote for Mitt Romney, at least those republicans who aren't wealthy. Worse still, is the fact that neither Romney nor his party even disguise their plans: They don't deny that they'll lower taxes for the rich; they don't deny that those under 55 years of age will have to find a private insurer that will cover all of their medical expenses in their golden years based upon a limited voucher. They don't deny any of their horrible ideas. Instead, they have misled the people who share their irrational hatred for President Obama and convinced them that our current leader is simply wrong for America.

It is shameful what they have done to their own party, but the greater tragedy will occur if Romney and Ryan get elected to the two highest public offices in the land. America was fortunate to survive the Bush years and it is fortunate to have recovered as much as it has to date, but imagine the hole that Romney has pledged to dig for us with the same architects Bush used at the beginning of this new century. The Republican Party is Toxic to America and needs to be purged of its more extreme representatives, but until such time that those voices that only seem familiar with dissent are gone, America needs to steer clear.

As, for myself, I have become disillusioned with Obama: I feel that too much effort was spent on helping the banks, which are bigger than before, on corporations that have flourished while far too many people have floundered or fallen from the Middle Class to be overly enthusiastic about his first term. Before he even won the first election (2008), I told a close friend that it didn't matter who won (McCain or Obama), neither would win reelection, because Bush had do so much harm that the "Fix" needed would be too great for one term. I explained that the public would lose faith in the president, no matter which party he hailed from and I was correct. The public would have been ready to get John McCain out, just as so many are willing to do to Obama now. The difference in this alternate scenario would have been that the Democrats would have nominated Obama or Clinton or a number of reasonable candidates to replace him. John McCain would be down in the polls, because his opponent would be offering ideas that made sense. What we ended up with is a choice between two men where the republican choice is so bad that the Grand Old Party has resorted to rigging the election through voter suppression and other unpatriotic means. The fact that they don't have enough faith in their own candidate's ability to win over the hearts and minds of the electorate should serve as proof that this party has nothing to offer the public.

If you doubt what I have offered here, let's hear from a man who knows how to run a prosperous America and believes he knows what is required for America to return to prosperity.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

We Built It . . . On A Foundation of Lies

It's strange to think that our country could be on the verge of electing outright liars to the highest offices in the Untied States of America.  Both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan seem to have allergies related to the truth.  In a sense however, they are less to blame than the people who vote for them, because there really is no hidden agenda with that pair.

Both of these leaders have told us all how they intend to screw the majority of the population over.  While, I know that most people who follow politics know this stuff, I will run down some of the biggest whoppers told by the Republican nominee and his sidekick.  Better yet, I'll let you here the lies from the candidates themselves:

Now, those who are so adamant about electing Romney should remember the last time they thought they were making the right choice for president.  Bush wasn't that smart, his college grades reflected as much;  Bush was an recovering alcoholic; Everything Bush touched failed, including America, but all of those staunch republicans believed in him, as if he was the second coming of Christ.  In other words, they bought the Bushit and then they bought it again all because he was the man in charge when the 9/11 attacks occurred.

So, one would think that these people would have learned a lesson from this mistake, but seeing how Mitt Romney has surrounded himself by so many of the same people who helped make Bush's 8 year debacle, the failure that it was tells a different tale.  Worse still is the fact that Romney isn't even trying to hide the terror that he would unleash on America.  He is campaigning on a platform that instills in me (in me at least) more fear than any terrorist has or could.  While this statement may sound extreme, think about it.  The wealth in this country has gone to the wealthy and Romney wants to increase this policy.  America will be both the most broke and rich country in the world.

And his pick for Vice President is probably worse, because at least Mitt Romney will go in the direction that is the most beneficial to him.  Paul Ryan on the other hand pushed a budget that turned Medicare into a voucher plan that wouldn't fully cover the elderly; he was than ostracized by so many, including American Bishops and nuns, but this didn't stop him.  He pulled a Bennie Hill and slapped a new label on the garbage he tried to serve the public just last year.  And guess what . . . He could end up being president without being elected.  Don't worry, Romney seems very fit, so hope for the best, but expect the worst, because the cRyan Game could be the last one we play as the strongest economy on Earth.

And, oh yeah Paul Ryan lied about who was at fault for the downgrade of America's credit rating. Paul Ryan has so many lies it's hard to gather them all and put them into a blog. Besides this fact, everyone has heard him speak and have either chosen to ignore the facts which dispute what Ryan says or they simply are not paying attention: Like the Republicans, these people for some irrational reason, simply want Obama out of office, America be damned.

Post Romnopolyptic Campaign

I think I'll run for President or whatever we'll be calling the highest office in the land by 2020.  I thought about running in 2016, but I believe that America is so complacent that Romney, like Bush, will get two terms in which to sell the farm to the highest bidder.

My qualifications in a post Romney, Americorporation are as follows:
  1. Good at scavenging.
  2. Background in foraging
  3. Leanto fabrication
  4. Toilet paper fabrication
  5. Knowledgeable about poisonous animals and insects.
  6. Expert with the Divining Rod.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The American Nightmare

The other night, I had the worst dream ever: The smallest of minorities in America had taken over the Government.  Neither party resisted this coup, but the republican party truly embraced the mandate of the rich, which was simply to drain all resources from the country and funnel them to the wealthy.  There was no philanthropic ideology referenced to justify the means used to impoverish 99% of the nation, there was only greed.

The weirdest aspect of this dream was that the Majority actually had the power to do avoid the pain and suffering that so many would eventually face, but most people seemed all too content to have their rights taken away as well as their money, homes, joy and liberty.  America was broken and appeared to be broke even though it had the same amount of wealth it always had.

Inequality in all facets of life was allowed to grow exponentially because many who thought they were part of the elite assumed that their money, cars and homes were safe.  What this complacent group realized all too late was that the same irrational mindset that drove the Uber rich to bleed the poor and the middle class of every last dime (nickles and pennies had become obsolete) caused billionaires to turn their sites on the smaller stacks of cash held by millionaires.  And just as unfortunately, billionaires fell to multibillionaires who had designs on the substantially larger (but not large enough) stacks of cash hoarded by these mere billionaires.  It was an easy game to win . . . at least it was easy for the one with the most wealth.  Like a game of poker, the stakes were simply raised until those without sufficient capital folded.

Homes were foreclosed then larger homes were sold short, as the philosophy of an author named Ayn Rand dictated that the best approach to life was to take all you could take, regardless of the consequences.  In a world view that this overrated writer believed should have shape humanity, those who sought to lead the masses abandoned traits like compassion and morality in favor of selfishness, lawlessness and fear mongering.  They deemed all people "in need" as parasites even though those people "in need" were some of the hardest working Americans;  education was an idea whose time had passed; home ownership proved to be the dream that never was; police, firefighters, teachers were considered the catalyst for the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression; actual speech (Occupy Wall Street) was suppressed and vilified, while money was considered "free speech"; corporations became people; the President was called a liar, was interrupted 48 time by Bill O'Reilly and had to endure the Governor of Arizona sticking her finger in his face, the Secretary of State's caravan was pummeled by rocks in the Middle East by people who were reacting to comments made by Michelle Bachmann and providing healthcare for all was compared to the attacks on Pearl Harbor and 9/11.  Worse than all of this however was the denial of science and the impact unfounded beliefs had on the closed system that Earth represents.

Processes related to a technique to extract natural gas (fracking) caused ground water sources to become flammable and were suspected as the cause of an unnatural increase in the number of Earthquakes in areas where such events were rare.  Billionaires bought land over gigantic aquifers in order to capitalize on a resource necessary to maintain life, while another billionaire built a nuclear waste dump over the third largest crop irrigating aquifer in the nation and others still polluted water sources where in one instance a neighborhood experienced deaths due to cancer at a rate of 73 percent.  Though everyone in the U.S. was required to properly dispose of their refuse, corporations were given a free pass to spew their waste into the atmosphere.

Trust me when I say this nightmare was as scary as a scenario could get.  The economy went Global and corporations took advantage of it by hiding profits in foreign countries to avoid paying taxes, outsourcing jobs, which drove down wages as employees worldwide made extreme concessions such as 50% pay cuts and no healthcare benefits in an attempt to appease the rich.  A myth called the "Job Creator" was born to justify giving the elite more upfront money (in the form of tax subsidies) for jobs they could choose to or not to create.

Politically, the Republican Party told voters how they intended to screw over the people, while the Democratic Party acted as conscientious observers in wars waged against the poor, the middle class, Blacks, Latinos, Women, Gays, Immigrants, Science, Reality, the Truth, Democracy, Liberty, Education, Public Sector Employees, Compassion, etc.

It was terrible . . . What?  It wasn't a dream?  I know, it was a nightmare . . . What?  It wasn't a nightmare either?

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mean Creeps In

I don't care which political party you believe in, when policies seem to be mean spirited, you might want  to heed that nagging voice in the back of your head:  That's your conscience telling you that there is a disconnect between what our leaders say and what your morality demands of them.

I know that we all have our sinful moments (I know I've had mine), but there's a difference between stealing candy as a child and leaving millions out in the cold.  What I am referring to is the new wave of political leaders who seem to deem all people in need as parasites:  How else could they justify their attempts to cut unemployment benefits, welfare, food stamps, medicare benefits.  How else could they justify a position requiring budget cuts of equal value before any disaster relief funds are to be released?

Most recently, a Congressman named Todd Akins tried to differentiate between what he calls illegitimate and legitimate rape, which would place blame on the victim.  While the Republican National Committee and the GOP Super Pacs have renounced him and tried to distance themselves from him, Paul Ryan co-sponsered a bill with Akin to redefine the different types of rape: I wonder what logic was used to differentiate between what they called "Foricible Rape" and what Texas politician Clayton Williams implied would be "Enjoyable Rape"  While Clayton claimed his remark to be a joke, who in their right mind would think to say such a thing.  Even if such thoughts are rattling around in you misogynist head, under what circumstances would you feel comfortable saying this out loud?  Like Williams, Akin thought that his beliefs about rape would be deemed acceptable.  Luckily, they weren't and something about Akins philosophy or understanding about rape was revealed.  I say luckily, because republican leaders do not logically justify their policies these days.

Over the last 2 years of Obama's first term, we have seen Republican leaders oppose everything presented by the President, even those ideas which were initially their ideas.  There is no logic to this practice, especially when they don't present alternatives:  In a country that is in the midst of its greatest ever recession, simply saying "no" to everything offered is not the trait of good leadership. Anyone in the entire United States of America could belong to The Party of 'No', because it doesn't take a leader to simply act as an obstructionist; this only require someone who is more selfish than compassionate.

As for the rest of the MEAN that has CREPT into the Republican party, this list is quite long and the sad fact is that it is widely ignored by most republican voters.  Instead of contemplating what leading a people means, republican voters seem to prefer to either bury their heads in the sand or to simply call people names when they don't like their politics:  Liberal, Obaaaama sheep, Obamanot, this list is long as well.  When facts are ignored, we all suffer and the facts as they pertain to our political leaders indicate that they either have no clue or no conscience and this goes for both parties (see below).

Excerpts from the RAD Dictionary, which can be found on this blog:

Republican Party noun
1.    A political party that tells its constituents how it will screw over everyone except the wealthy.

Democratic Party noun
1.    A political party that watches the Republican party screw over everyone except the wealthy.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Help Injured Veterans Get The Assistance They Deserve

While the U.S. defense budget continues to skyrocket, those who have served our country in the most important way, languish under mounting paper work. Whether their injuries are physical or mental, our veterans deserve the support of the country they defended.

We have an able-bodied workforce that is waiting for the opportunity to prove their worth. Let's give the long-term unemployed the chance to help . . . Our servicewomen and men and themselves. That's why I created a petition to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama. Will you sign this petition?

Click here:

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Politics Affect on Hurricane Preparedness

This is the speech I gave this past Saturday August 18th at Storm Expo 2012.

Hello, I would like to address the ways in which politics play a role in hurricane preparedness.

Fortunately, we have not experienced any hurricanes in South Florida thus far this year and hopefully, we will be spared this fate for the remainder of the season.  As for believing that we will never be faced with the devastation that a hurricane can cause, no one here is that naive.  The best we can do is to mitigate the potential damage by being as prepared as we possibly can be when the next storm strikes.

Having emergency supplies on hand can greatly reduce the pain of loss as well as mean the difference between life and death.  If municipal water supplies are cut off or contaminated, a set aside of five gallons of water can not only provide the sustenance a family may need, but also serve to buoy their spirits until assistance can arrive; If that five gallons runs out, bleach can be used to decontaminate any suspect sources of water that might be available.  Batteries for flashlights are a must as are the flashlights in which to put those batteries.  Canned goods, dried goods and other food supplies that do not require refrigeration are imperative if the power goes out.  A generator can greatly ease the suffering many will face by allowing some to run their refrigerators to preserve food or an air conditioner to cool them.  And, as we all know here in Miami, we cannot do without air conditioning.

There are, of course, all kinds of emergency supplies that can make life easier after any disaster, but most of them have costs associated with them.  And for the less fortunate in our society, these costs can be prohibitive.  Even the barest of necessities required in the aftermath of a hurricane might seem outside any feasible budget for some of the neediest in our Community.  When those who have become the most ignored in politics, the less fortunate or the poor find it difficult to put food on the table on a daily basis, stockpiling anything is the last thing on their minds.  When jobs are so scarce that any “opening” offered, draws an inordinate number of hopeful candidates:  People who only seek to keep the electricity or water running in their homes are not concerned as to how well-prepared they or their families are for a hurricane:  The daily requirements of life overshadow any thoughts of an emergency which, may or may nor occur.

Hurricane preparedness is just one junction where politics and poverty collide however, but it is at this intersection of disaster and apathy where the choices we make at the polls shine brightest or burn harshest.  It is during and after a disaster that our leaders greatest strengths or weaknesses come into the light of day.  As the nation comes together in times of crisis, regardless of the policies of our elected officials, communities unite in order to overcome adversity.  And in these times of greatest strife, the choices made by our leaders either bear the greatest fruit or wither on the vein in their inadequacy.

This is also where hurricane preparedness is affected by the unlikely source of politics.  When most people think of emergency management and other life saving methods, few correlate them with political ideology, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, as was indicated by hurricane Katrina.  What this disaster showed us was that political choices do have consequences.  As we watched the news and witnessed as so many people were left to fend for themselves, our hearts broke.  When we found out that the man appointed to the highest office in FEMA was a horse breeder with no emergency management credentials, we grew angry.  As days stretched into weeks then months, we all wondered how many lives could have been saved after Katrina had an emergency management professional been at the helm of the agency in charge of saving those lives.  In a seemingly unrelated series of disasters, we had political leaders calling for a bill that required any and all disaster relief funds to be offset by equivalent budget cuts.  Only when disaster struck their own districts did these compassionless individuals abandon this requirement, but do not believe for one second that their initial, Objectivist goals are gone forever.

When a hurricane strikes, the first line of defense is being prepared and if we have leaders who are so short sighted as to require budget cuts before any action can be taken, then how concerned can they be with the level of preparedness we maintain?  When the time comes to rescue those who need to be saved, to comfort those who have lost so much and to help the survivors rebuild their lives in an attempt to return to normalcy or to find a new normal, make certain that you’ve voted for the candidate who will strive to mitigate some of the hazards of a hurricane with a plan that prepares us to better weather the storm.

In light of what is at stake; before, during and after a hurricane hits, shouldn’t we expect those who choose to lead us to provide us with the means to equip ourselves for the next major storm?  Of course we should.  This is why we must demand that our elected officials be more vigilant for opportunities that benefit the community at large.  It is during the calm between two storms that we must press them to push policies that will attract businesses to our small corner of the world and bring with them jobs that pay a living wage, not a salary that only serves as life support.

People do not want to be reliant on handouts.  Americans are self-sufficient, but when they are denied access to the means to be independent, those who have withheld the means should not complain about those in need for they created that need through their inaction or worse still, malicious deeds and dealings that benefit only the few.

Imagine how many more people will suffer if politicians like Congressman Eric Cantor and others get their wish to limit emergency funds based upon the amount of cuts they can squeeze from the budget.  This wouldn’t even sound like a good idea if our Congress was filled with rational and compassionate representatives, which we all know is not the case these days.  An emergency is absolutely the last instance when budgetary desires should take precedent.

Now, my reason for being here today is not to endorse any particular candidate or any particular party for that matter.  To be quite honest, I have reservations about both of the major parties that claim to represent the people of the United States of America.  What I do hope to impart upon you all today is the need to know those who will seek your endorsement and your vote in the upcoming elections.  Before you vote, make certain you understand what each prospective candidate stands for as well as the party they represent.  Get together with family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors, even the ones you disagree with and talk about the issues that are important to you.  You might be surprised at just how similar your views are pertaining to what you seek in a leader.  One thing that we can all look for as an indicator as to how affective a leader will prepare the community for a hurricane would be to determine which candidate presents the best ideas for job creation and feasible plans to strengthen Miami.

To help make our government better represent the people, I have been working on what I call The Really? Rally, which I hope will serve as an honest forum where the clutter of major news outlets can be eliminated and an honest discourse between candidate and constituent can be had.  For more information about the Really? Rally or any of the other ideas my group hopes to put forward, visit, where our goal is to Return the Power of our Democracy to the People.

Until such time that we all make our decisions at the polling stations however, consider donating to any organization that provides emergency supplies to people in need before a hurricane strikes and to those organizations that shelter, feed and clothe individuals and families who have suffered losses after a hurricane has passed.

Thank you and Be Prepared

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

"It can't happen to me." . . . Until it happens to you

As voter suppression laws are passed in states where republicans control a majority of all branches of state governments, something occurs to me.  Why are republican voters not standing up in opposition to these illogical, illegitimate and immoral laws?  The obvious answer is that these actions could guarantee a win for their presidential candidate, but there could be another reason:  A reason that has been primarily ignored by the media.  In my humble opinion, I believe that republican voters have remained mum on this matter, because it does not affect them.
Why the major news outlets have not  given a voice to this possibility is of less importance than what tolerance of tactics that circumvent our Democracy mean for our country.  This reluctance to stand up for "other" people's rights has been seen throughout history.  It was this attitude of "looking the other way" that allowed the Nazi's to kill so many Jewish people and "others" who did not fit into Hitler's ideals of humanity.  While this may seem like an extreme view to take, it shouldn't, because all one need do is look at what is happening in America these days:  The middle class is dwindling and those who are poor or becoming poor are being labeled as a blight on society.  Even when these people have done everything that was supposed to lead to the American Dream, they have found themselves in a nightmare and we are supposed to look them as parasites . . . And how did Hitler look upon the Jews?

Before I relate this attitude to voter suppression and the acceptance that seems to flourish amongst the republican constituency, I would first like to delve further into the fact that so many are becoming impoverished and so many more are allowing this to happen.  It can't be, as some of the more boisterous republican, presidential candidates and GOP pundits try to frame it, that those who have fallen into the ranks of the unemployed, uninsured, homeless and under-represented are lazy, ambition-less and lacking in some way.  My doubts arise from the fact that these are the same people who were, at one time, hard-working, mortgage paying members of society.  They were teachers, fire fighters, policemen and women; Some were vice presidents at small or large companies while others made comfortable livings at more labor intensive jobs.  Many were people who thought that "It could never happen to them"  And, until it did happen to them, they ignored it.  Sound familiar?

There are people living in their cars who can't get food stamps, because they own their car.  Others live in motels, because they couldn't afford their mortgages, after losing their jobs.  Are these people in their situations, because of poor planning?  Maybe . . . some, but I doubt all.  The way that so many who found themselves homeless were demonized, so too are those who've found themselves jobless.  Do you remember when everyone was saying that the housing market was only collapsing because of greedy house flippers?  Well, I think we ran out of house flippers a few years back, but people are still losing their homes.  Could the banks be more at fault than people want to credit them?  And don't the arguments about the unemployed sound similar?  Claims like "It's lazy, shiftless people who don't know the dignity of work." seem to say something different, but carry the same sentiment which is "It's their own fault"  But is it "their fault"?  Did the tens of millions of Americans who are out of work cause their jobs to become redundant or unnecessary, due to lack of work?  Is it simply the fault of those who were at one time middle class or upper middle class that they find themselves a mere statistic for people like Newt Gingrich to demonize.

And, for those who haven't yet been hit by what I believe is coming.  Appreciate the things you think are secure in your lives.  Rest easy at night for now, because there is little logic in the pursuit of fortune that we see in this country and the world over.  Just remember this:  As you looked the other way, while things happened to "others" (voting rights suppressed, jobs eliminated, homes foreclosed), someone was trying to figure out a way to get your money next.  When this game that the 1% are playing comes knocking on your door, there will probably be people who, just as you do now, look the other way and say "At least it's not happening to me."

Sleep tight.  Don't let the Billionaires bite.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

American Desperation Leads To Nothing Good

With the shooting at the Family Research Council, I feel that we are seeing an initial attack against individuals and organizations that have fought for so long to deny the rights of other people, simply because they do not share the same values or have similar lifestyles.  It seems to me that you can only attack certain groups or people who have divergent beliefs and ideas for so long before those who have been victimized lash out against their tormentors.

Any individual, group or organization that has deemed it their calling to oppose basic rights to any other group, whether they be gay, black, poor or 'other' in any sense of the word, may want to rethink the logic behind their arguments:  First, denying a gay man or lesbian the right to marry shouldn't even be considered a legitimate pursuit when the economy is falling down all around us.  Secondly, how someone lives their life is that person's own cross to bear or gift to share, depending on what part of the country one resides.  And third, in what holy book are the believers supposed to judge a persons worthiness, outside of that individual's belief in their respective religion?  Although I am not especially religious, I was raise in a Christian faith and taught that Christians should all withhold any metaphysical judgements about others, because "judgement" is the providence of God.

As for the attacks that I feel are coming, they will not be exclusive to anti-gay advocates, or groups who seek to intertwine politics with religion, because all of America is becoming more and more frustrated with the various attacks on the rights that no man or woman should have to live without.  Whether it's the right vote or the right to have an abortion, extremists have sought to destroy far too many rights, but only those rights that don't affect them.  As for abortion rights, we've seen far too many doctors murdered in the name of God, to save lives on the unborn.  This fight will be waged long after I've left this world, but I don't think it will always end in the death of some doctor.  People eventually defend themselves.

As for voter's rights, we've only seen the first volley, so impact has yet to be seen or felt, but this, I fear will not be the last we hear of it.  The right will continue to push their lies in attempts to rig our political races, nationwide.  While this is wrong, regardless of the rationale, the fact that those who seek to win by cheating are doing so to enrich themselves and impoverish the majority makes this policy that much more of a pressure cooker.

While I am disillusioned by President Obama, I foresee riots in America's future if Mitt Romney and that Ayn Rand denier, Paul Ryan win in November.  I do not make this statement lightly, because it is all to obvious that Romney and Ryan hope to squeeze more of this country's wealth to the top.  I warned all of my Republican friends about Bush before 2000.  I warned them again in 2004 that "Bush's first term was merely a prelude to how bad it was going to get in America".  And now, I warning as many people as I can that,  Mitt Romney is stacking his prospective administration with those who served President Bush so well, and the rest of America so poorly.

Getting back to the main point of this post, I believe that this country will fall further into an economic hole, because Romney and Ryan allowed more of the economic wealth in this nation to be horded by individuals who cannot match the spending of the middle class and the poor.  And as more people find themselves with nowhere to turn in their greatest time of need, they will turn to those who caused and are the source of their pain and that of their family.

The problem that these leaders and the people who prop them up (millionaires and billionaires) will face in the near future is that they are no longer anonymous.  With the Internet, people can easily find out why there is no money in circulation for jobs, food, mortgages, etc.  Just as the most paranoid amongst us believe that Big Brother is watching us, we are also watching them and there are a lot more of us.

In the recent past, people have gathered to protest the actions of the Koch brothers.

Others are making note of the actions of other Billionaire Republican donors.

Harold Simmons put a Nuclear Waster Dump over the third largest crop irrigation Aquifer in the U.S., the Ogallala. Now he wants to expand the amount of waste his facility can accept. He's backing Romney.

Sheldon Adelson is being investigated by the FBI.  He supports Mitt Romney

The Unemployment Unemployed

I recently read an article about how those who are supposed to be finding the unemployed work are finding themselves unemployed.  The state referenced in this story was Michigan, where apparently, the job market is improving so much that the state has issued 400 layoff notices to many of it unemployment insurance agents.

My first thought was "If these agents get laid off before noon, do they use their lunch time to wait in line to apply for Unemployment Compensation?  After that however, I wondered how state officials in Michigan had determined that the job market had improved to the point that they could feasibly cut back on the staffing of unemployment insurance agencies?  While manufacturing has been making strides towards getting people gainfully employed, it didn't look as if those strides were great enough when I visited Detroit in October of 2011.  Parts of that city looked like it had been bombed out:  Broken windows outnumber those windows that were intact; the potholes look like as if they were created by IEDs from Iraq:  It was literally like driving through an obstacle course.

Now, I realize hat Detroit might be the extreme, as far as run down cities in Michigan are concerned, but it's not alone:  Why else would the Governor of this troubled state declare an emergency and place an Overlord . . . I mean an "Emergency Manager" with the power to fire all elected officials in so many cities there?  I just can't imagine a state that requires such drastic measures as being a good place to find work and, from what I've seen and read, it isn't.

I may not know everything about Michigan, but what I do know is that I would have never sold the Pontiac Silver Dome foe 10%, no 1% of its construction costs in 1975 and then gone to work for the man to whom I sold it.  I would have never sold off a beachfront property that was explicitly donated to the city of Benton Harbor for public use, so an exclusive, private golf course could be built on it.  I suppose the residents of these two cities will enjoy refurnishing the stadium that they probably won't be visiting after their work is complete and maybe the residents of Benton Harbor don't care that, most of them could never afford to set foot on the private golf course built on land meant to be enjoy by all.

So, I wonder:  What does a person whose job it was to help other people finds jobs do when they've lost their own job?  How must they feel sitting across the desk of a former colleague when both know the true statistics pertaining to finding a job?

Oh yeah, that reminds me; I've got to fill out my online job search for my unemployment compensation check

Gotta GO!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How cutting entitlements for the poor would affect us all

For anyone who thinks that cutting programs for the poor or, more accurately these days, the working poor, think again. As I drive around town and take note of the various neighborhoods in my city, I can't help noticing that they are all begining to look quite similar; at least in regards to one apesct.

Most neighborhoods have "For Sale" or "Foreclosure" signs in front of far too many homes for anyone to think that the Housing Market has recovered or will recover anytime soon. What this means for the other families in these neighborhoods is that their security is that much more compromised:  More homeless people means more desperate people:  People willing to do whatever it takes to survive. Now, add on top of this growing demographic of Americans who have lost their dreams to one big bank or another:  The poor, or working poor who could lose the assistance that "leaders" like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney seek to take away will have fewer mean with which to survive.  In hundreds of thousands of neighborhoods across the country, the situation goes from depression to outright incendiary.

In Detroit there are neighborhoods that have been impacted to the extent that families move from one foreclosed home to another.  This has become such an issue that the power company in Detroit (I forgot the name) continues to find squatters who have "jumpered" the electric meters for power.  For some children, under the age of ten whose families live in these areas, moving from house to house is the norm.  Imagine that:  This pattern of homelessness has been going on for so long that some kids know no other way of life.

As for how situations like the one faced by inhabitants of Detroit affects the rest of us; get used to bars your windows, for, as more people lose programs like Food Stamps and Welfare, they will consider more drastic measures.  Think about this way:  What would you do if you lost your job, your family home and couldn't even feed your family?  What would you do?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Does Anyone Remember the Bush Years?

If you can't remember how bad George W. Bush was, here are some links that should remind us all of what we had to deal with and what we will HAVE to deal with if the "Axis of Evil" or, as republicans refer to them "Romney/Ryan" wins on November 6, 2012.  Click on the links below to read about Bush and then, come back and watch the videos.

Romney’s team starts to look like Bush’s

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Why Paul Ryan would be a bad leader

Two Paths: Ayn Rand's Legacy

Before the American public there were two paths that could be taken. One was open to all, accepting of all and sought to help all along their way. The other path only allowed those who were willing to leave their friends, family and all of humanity behind to travel upon it. Though anyone was free to choose which path they would take, only one allowed for an increasing number of travellers. The other narrowed until there were but a few individuals who could maintain their footing and even that number dwindled as the capacity of this path decreased. Though the two paths were so different in the demographics that followed them, they were plainly viewed by all: Those on the growing path noticed the diminishing numbers of people who chose the one which shrank. They were close enough to call out to them, or so they thought, but for some reason, the people on the other path couldn’t hear them. It could have been that they were simply ignoring what they considered lower class citizens, but it could also have been the fact that all of their focus had to be on every step they took. The reason for this requirement was that, not only did the trail become more treacherous, but the few on this crooked path had a tendency to bump one another off. It was like a perverted game of “King of the Mountain”, except the mountain was a small winding road that allowed only the most ruthless of players to advance. And even worse than the threat of other players and shrinking landscape, was that at some point there was no return. Along the trail individuals not deemed strong enough were weeded out, by either falling off the trail or by crossing over one of infrequent connecting bridges that appeared from time to time. These bridges allowed for the selfish to cast off their illicit ways and gave them the opportunity to change their course. It provided them with a chance to share in the common good, to succeed together and move forward the agenda that best suited the group. These bridges flowed both ways, but only those who became misguided ever chose to go from the path of many to the path of the few, because they were fraught with peril and of those who attempted crossing them, most fell to their doom. Other than these connecting bridges, the paths simply ran parallel to one another. If one were to look over the edges of the growing path, they might see nothing at all. They might be faced with the uncertainty of just how far the drop might be. They might even find that they had lost their balance looking into this abyss, but there was always someone there to assist them, to provide a stability that they might not have had otherwise. And on several occasions, the uncertainty they saw looking over the edge was lifted like a fog, as explanations were provided and fears were alleviated. Whether this insight was forth-coming or not, the support one received was enough to get an individual’s focus back on the goals ahead. This however, was not so of the other path, the one that shrank as one progressed: There was no support to keep one from falling upon the jagged rocks below. The only comfort that anyone could gain while walking this lonely path had to come from one’s self. Any reassurance was possible only by what one could muster up from within, which made the journey that much more dangerous, as every step could proof to be their last. Compiling any fears that might cause hesitation was the fact that, at some point there was no going back. Inevitably, there was no way to turn around and walking backwards usually led to one outcome. There were of course those who had walked the more dangerous of the two paths and eventually found a place in which they could lay down and rest for as long as they chose. At this last stop, there always seemed to be a vast, open meadow, as lush and beautiful as one could imagine. Beside the greenest grass that one could imagine, there was food of all varieties available with a mere thought. No matter what one’s palette desired it could be seen as the weary traveller entered this wide open space. As for any other needs that anyone could have at this point, they were all met before the words could be formed. Whether one’s desire was the fanciest ‘this’ or the sharpest ‘that’ all needs wants and desires were fulfilled in this final utopian setting, but none who had made it this far had ever found peace in this magically deceiving place. More often than not, those who lay in the grass found it quite course as the serrated edges scratched their skin. Those who did not know of the harsh feel of the grass had simply not taken the time to relax: They had come to a point where they should have been able to let their guard down and enjoy the fruits of their labor, but even the fruit tasted sour as one by one they would taste every apple, pear, orange, steak, cake, or whatever food they cherished the most, only to toss it aside in disgust. In due time, every one of these individuals realized that what they desired most in life could not be enjoyed by one’s self. What was the point of reaching this point in their lives, if there was no one to talk to about the perfect meal before them or the miraculous sunset that just ushered on another temperate night. Nothing looked as good or tasted as good or felt as good as it would have looked, tasted or felt had it been shared with someone important. The only thing that someone who found themselves in this position could take pride in was the fact that had they been as ruthless as possible, someone would remember them: Had they knocked off enough competitors or committed as many atrocious acts as they could, they would live on in infamy in someone’s mind and to be respected or feared was an accomplishment in itself. Had they questioned this belief however, they would have realized that those who had chosen the other path would be remembered by far more people and those memories would be fond and they would be passed down from one generation to the next. Had they taken the time to listen to those who travelled on the other path, they would have realized that it is better to be loved by many than despised by few. And as was the case more often than not, as they lay their heads down in the irritating sawgrass.
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