The Unemployment Unemployed

I recently read an article about how those who are supposed to be finding the unemployed work are finding themselves unemployed.  The state referenced in this story was Michigan, where apparently, the job market is improving so much that the state has issued 400 layoff notices to many of it unemployment insurance agents.

My first thought was "If these agents get laid off before noon, do they use their lunch time to wait in line to apply for Unemployment Compensation?  After that however, I wondered how state officials in Michigan had determined that the job market had improved to the point that they could feasibly cut back on the staffing of unemployment insurance agencies?  While manufacturing has been making strides towards getting people gainfully employed, it didn't look as if those strides were great enough when I visited Detroit in October of 2011.  Parts of that city looked like it had been bombed out:  Broken windows outnumber those windows that were intact; the potholes look like as if they were created by IEDs from Iraq:  It was literally like driving through an obstacle course.

Now, I realize hat Detroit might be the extreme, as far as run down cities in Michigan are concerned, but it's not alone:  Why else would the Governor of this troubled state declare an emergency and place an Overlord . . . I mean an "Emergency Manager" with the power to fire all elected officials in so many cities there?  I just can't imagine a state that requires such drastic measures as being a good place to find work and, from what I've seen and read, it isn't.

I may not know everything about Michigan, but what I do know is that I would have never sold the Pontiac Silver Dome foe 10%, no 1% of its construction costs in 1975 and then gone to work for the man to whom I sold it.  I would have never sold off a beachfront property that was explicitly donated to the city of Benton Harbor for public use, so an exclusive, private golf course could be built on it.  I suppose the residents of these two cities will enjoy refurnishing the stadium that they probably won't be visiting after their work is complete and maybe the residents of Benton Harbor don't care that, most of them could never afford to set foot on the private golf course built on land meant to be enjoy by all.

So, I wonder:  What does a person whose job it was to help other people finds jobs do when they've lost their own job?  How must they feel sitting across the desk of a former colleague when both know the true statistics pertaining to finding a job?

Oh yeah, that reminds me; I've got to fill out my online job search for my unemployment compensation check

Gotta GO!


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