Lies, lies, lies, Yeah

    I've heard many people say that we should dwell on the past and by the past, I'm speaking about GW Bush. The problem I have with not dwelling on the past is, as the old saying goes, dooming one's self to repeating the mistakes of the past.
    With the presidential election coming up, people need to think about the presidency we got that was based on lies: In the end it was proven that Gore had... won Florida and it was known at the time of the election that the head of the elections board worked on the Bush campaign. And then we got the war in Afghanistan (justifiable) and the war in Iraq (not justifiable) and if you believe Richard Clark, a war that was forced by Bush, based on untruths. So, in 2012, we have the republican candidates for the presidency campaigning on outright lies.
    Worst than their falsehoods however is the fact that republican voters don't seem to be outraged by these falsehoods. Instead they seem to be going along for the ride with the lies that Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich (until recently) have put out there as reasons to elect them instead of re-electing Obama.
    So, now it seems that people are not only okay with the lies that Bush and his administration told (when we didn't know they were lies), but people are okay with candidates who lie right to their faces and tell lies that can easily be verified as false. How is it possible that this behavior is acceptable? Pleas explain, if you can. For now, here is a lie from the Bush administration:


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