Saturday, March 5, 2011

Walker's Goals

These are the three things that Governor Walker will accomplish with his bill:

1)  No unions, less power for democrats:

We will be down to one party, because the GOP will still have corporate support and corporations don't care about people, they only care about profit.

2)  The residents of Wisconsin will be less educated:

Who would want to become a teacher given the attacks and salary and benefit cut that they face all of the time.

3)  He will have started a trend of taking from those who don't have money so those who do can preserve their accounts:

Where is the logic in taking from the poor and middle class, while not even considering taking the wealthy and super wealthy.  This kind of reasoning is not healthy for society unless its a feudal one.

It's actions like Walker's that have caused me to lose faith in this country's ability to remain strong.  It's inaction or or misguided action from those poor and middle class who voted for people like Walker that will continue to weaken this country.

In Florida, they voted in Rick Scott, a man who put up approximately 70 million of his own money for his campaign.  Governors don't make enough for him to recoup that money, but you'd better believe he's going to recoup it somehow.

And, examples like Scott and Walk now abound in a banner mid-term election year when the country voted Republicans back in force.  Think about this way:  While the democrats get a major portion of their power from unions, which have a vested interest in working individuals, the republican party gets its major support from corporations, which have a vested interest in profits).

Re: Wisconsin

I hear what you're saying and I believe that the Republicans are (maybe not intentionally) systematically going to make Americans dumber and they are trying to further divide the classes by helping the rich who benefited from this economic crisis even richer BUT I don't see the democratic party in D.C. standing against these threats. The Democrates almost feel like silent partners in what I see as a system that will look like the middle east in a few years. For this and other reasons, I feel it quite ridiculous for you to solicit me for money. I donated to Ian's pizza in Wisconsin to help people who are fighting for their rights and indirectly (but visibly) fighting for mine.

Chris Ossman (democrate)

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From: "Robby Mook, DCCC Executive Director" <>
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 17:26:18 +0000
To: Chris Ossman<>
Subject: FW: Wisconsin

Chris --

A quick update on Leader Pelosi’s message from Thursday:

The extremist measures being undertaken against the middle class in Wisconsin are spreading around the country. In Ohio, Republican Gov. John Kasich is ramming through a bill taking away the rights of police, firefighters and teachers to organize. In Indiana, Republicans are actually going to fine House Democrats $250 a day for stopping a vote to slash workers’ rights.

We're less than $30,000 away from our new $150,000 GOP Accountability Fund goal. Chris, can you help put us over the top before our deadline hits at midnight tonight?

Contribute $5 or more to our GOP Accountability Fund by Midnight Tonight so we can mount a Rapid Response campaign against House Republicans.

The next stop for the GOP’s ruthless attacks on hard-working Americans? Congress. Speaker Boehner and House Republicans are taking a slash and burn approach to the budget process that could cost American families hundreds of thousands of jobs. We just can’t let this happen. Stand with us.


Robby Mook
DCCC Executive Director

From: Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader
Sent: Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 1:24 pm
Subject: Wisconsin


Friend --

Something remarkable is happening in Wisconsin.

I'm sure you've been watching the news coverage of teachers, firefighters, and other public servants standing up to Governor Walker's reckless assault on the middle class.

Here in Washington, House Republicans are actively backing Governor Walker and his claim that working families are responsible for our current deficit.

Not surprisingly, Karl Rove and the very same special interests that Republicans are voting to protect are planning a massive campaign to defend their radical agenda.

This deserves an immediate response.

Contribute $5 or more to our GOP Accountability Fund by Midnight Friday so we can mount a Rapid Response campaign against House Republicans who support this reckless rhetoric.

I agree we need to take steps to cut the deficit. And so do the protesters in Wisconsin.

But Scott Walker believes this fight isn’t just about budget cuts -- he wants to take away Americans’ right to organize!

I will always stand up for the right to organize. This basic right ensures the fair treatment of middle-class workers.

Will you stand with me?

Contribute $5 or more to our GOP Accountability Fund by Midnight Friday so we can mount a Rapid Response campaign against House Republicans who support this reckless rhetoric.

Thank you,

Nancy Pelosi
Democratic Leader

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