Now, I might not be the most religious guy in the room. I just haven't found one that I felt comfortable believing, but I do feel that I am spiritual. I believe that their is something out there that created us (mankind) or at least had a hand in our creation, but omnipotence and omniscience is a stretch for me. However this higher power rules or guides or treats us is less important to me than how we treat one another. Wouldn't it make sense that if our creator deemed us as his favorite, he or it would want us to treat one another with respect and kindness? Or maybe this almighty doesn't want us to get along. Maybe this life is some kind of stress test for the next one and if that is the case, I don't want any part of it. Personally, I believe that kindness breeds kindness, no matter what religion you belong to. I believe that whatever you put out there comes back to you, and this is actually the point of today's daily observation. What if the America and the world are doing to poorly these days because we have been treating each other with a certain amount of contempt? What if the world continues to worsen as hatred and strife grow around the planet? Maybe something or someone is trying to signal us that the direction we are taking the planet is not the direction hoped for at the beginning of this experiment. To me it seems quite obvious that we might want to diverge from our present course, perhaps even take a few steps back to see where we're going wrong. On the other hand, I could be wrong and the direction that we are heading is just fine: Greed is good, unless you're on the losing end, poverty is not that big of a problem, starvation is nothing that needs to be stamped out and war is the way to go to get to peace.

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