Commonsense and Complacency

Commonsense and complacency, one of which America lacks while the other is both dangerously abundant and and growing, are just two of the factors that I think is leading our great nation in a perilous direction. A path that, given our recent history (Say the past 25-30 years), we will most likely continue to travel to our own destruction. Dramatic as this may sound, what evidence is there to the contrary? The answer most certainly does not lay in technology, which since the advent of the personal computer has simply been mostly bells and whistles. Don't misunderstand me, I do know that there are some extremely helpful inventions and ideas that have blossomed in the past fifty years that have actually served mankind as intended by the respective creators, but few have shaped society. And after all, society is what matters to humans most, because it is a civil society that the majority of us seek: One in which we can live our lives the way that pleases us the most, and why should or would anyone really want to deny anything less. The truth of the matter however is that there are those individuals who do hope for your personal failure and or destruction (in some radical sects). This is because it is only through you downfall that they can elevate themselves, gaining more power, money or glory of which they can boast to friends, family or other figures of authority.

It is this group; the power hungry, greedy or religious fanatics that seems to have pulled the wool over the eyes of their flocks. As for religion, I do not want to touch upon that issue in this discussion. It is too inflammatory and my believes are my own (I don't need them scrutinized. . . just yet). I would however like to address the other two groups who have strung this country along for so many years that the actions they have set in motion no longer need assistance to keep up their momentum. The people of the United States no longer use their senses as God (or whatever Deity you pray to) intended them to be used. I believe this wholeheartedly, because too many things that should be examined or at least made note of go unseen. Point in fact, and I apologize for this reference made in hindsight, George Bush was a terrible candidate for the top political office in this country. To date I have not seen any accomplishment of his that would convince me otherwise. If he handed in a resume listing his GPA from college, he could not get a job in the agency (CIA) of which his own father was the head at one time. If he focused on his business achievements, he could work at any of the businesses that he ran into the ground. He could however work on wall street, because just as there are bank too big to fail, wall street had jobs that were too lucrative to ignore. GW would have made a mint working on the stock exchange, where success does not seem to be an option. As far as him being reelected because he was the the War President, how could America swallow that load of crap. Who in their right mind would follow that guy into battle? Let's say that instead of being the president, George W. Bush was your squad leader and you knew everything that we all know about him know . . . Would you follow him? But the majority of the country did. I still don't get that one. I remember when it was time to reelect GW or kick his ass out of office, I spoke to a close friend of mine who didn't think there was any way that he could get reelected. And, although I hoped he wouldn't get reelected, I felt that this country would fall pray to its own complacency and vote him in again. I told me friend that when that happened, the U.S. would see just how bad it can get and four years later, as he's leaving office, our economy crumbles. But does Bush really get any of the fallout from this financial meltdown . . . No and maybe he shouldn't, but neither should Barack Obama, who I am not defending here other than to point out once again that, if GW is faultless than how the hell could Obama be to blame. And, while I speaking about Barack Obama, I believe that his being elected as president, while indicating racial equality in this country has also exposed racism at the same time. I see it in the lack of respect that he gets from some of the other politicians as well as in the fact that just because Charlie Crist hugged Obama, he has fallen out of favor with the Republican party. You would think that Crist had hugged Usama Bin Laden.

But, I digress. A much simpler statement of what I am trying to get across here would be to say that America is complacent, because we do not let our voices be heard at the displeasure we feel towards those who control out fate. How do the Whales of wall street get paid so much when they hurt some many. . . I would love to see a stat on how many deaths have been caused due to so much financial manipulation. I would think that it has to give even the most prolific serial killer a run for his money. And what America lack in complacency, it makes up in un-commonsense: If you were doing better before George Bush was in office then you were at the end of his second term, than how why would you blame the guy who inherited Bush's mess so much? Why was McCain the obvious choice to help us out with the situation in Iraq? Because he got captured while he served? This makes him a war hero, which I would never deny, but it doesn't make him a great strategist. If anything, it would imply just the opposite. Why would anyone vote McCain into office, at least in 2008, when just weeks prior to the collapse, he claimed that the economy was fine. I actually liked him until the reports of the first reports of economic trouble started rolling in. Why would I believe that someone who didn't see the problem could fix the problem. And then there was one of his biggest decision before taking office, his running mate. It was as if he picked G.W. half sister as his vice president, but all of those staunch Republicans believed in this unknown element. And, this too, I could forgive, because I thought that he simply knew something that the rest of us didn't know. But when she opened her mouth, and the crap that fell out stank up McCain's campaign, all bets were off. How could anyone vote for the Republican nominee, given his first decision? If Sarah Palin is such a good candidate, why does she look so bad when she speaks? She seems even less suited for the office of president than George Walker Bush seemed in 1999, but there are those who love her . . . Why????????????????????????????????


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